belongs to the narrow group of technology and consulting oriented companies, dedicated to cover a very specific field of demanding, specific solutions in area of Information and communication solutions. FineSoft is focused to the communication solution based on Unified messaging concept  and aligned to the conceptual vision of company founders to contribute to the implementation and expansion of professional communication solutions in SME, mid and large size companies on industry, financial  and governmental sector of the country. Within this specific area, FineSoft is mastering the technology and products of KOFAX – Dicom solutions, representing the leading edge technology providers in global measures.

For FineSoft professionals the field of Unified messaging  is understood as challenge for complex design and delivery of communication solution including integration with the IP telephony, networks, Exchange mail environment, but also the  ERP apps, mainly based on SAP R/3. We do provide system administration and end users training, longitudinal support and maintenance .

Long term target of FineSoft in the industry and administrative field is presentation, implementation and extensive use  of ITC tools for project and task management, issues of quality monitoring to improve the customers satisfaction , growth of the process management and results effectives. In this field we utilize more than 25 years of experience.

The steadily growing complexity and severity of communications solutions and technology FineSoft offers for large variety of customers ASP service, provide for SME and SOHO companies the services, with COO in classic concept is subject of delivery for corporate segment only.

Aligned with current trends in IT world we frequently take over complex responsibility for the IT environment our key customers., We provide regularly remote responsibility and administration of servers and apps, workstations, installation and maintenance of wide spectrum of application and graphic workplaces, database servers, infrastructure development, redesign, maintenance and end user support and training.

Great part of FineSoft’s services is cooperation with key partners in the eHealth development. We do consultancy services for design and concept, the participation on proposals and marketing activity in many CEE countries, middle Asia, Balkan. We have participated on preparation of dozens of presentations, bringing the results of eHealth development for health professionals, for managers, for IT companies, vendors and patient’s organizations in Slovakia and Czech republic. The FINESOFT management and professionals have cooperated on preparation of many international (Interreg), national and international (EU) projects, related to the health care, medical solutions, eHealth future stages.

Companies today, regardless of their size, cannot ignore the importance of applying digital technologies and ICT support to their HR processes. The transition to electronic personnel files is no longer a question of the future, but an imperative of the present, taking into account the ever-increasing demands on the security of their employees’ sensitive personal information. We offer new solutions for this area within our portfolio.

FineSoft is the active and founder member of  BITERAP cluster of IT companies and universities, targeted to provide support and app’s development for state administration, implementation of outsourcing and ASP services and improving the efficiency of those services . Cluster BITERAP was a key member  of international team for CITT project within the  CENTROPE countries, where his responsibility was to develop and maintain the solution to enable and support innovation transfer from research and development area toward industrial practice  2014 achieved cluster BITERAP the bronze certificate (this year we are applying for renewal) within the international initiative European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI), targeted to evaluate the clusters activity. Certificate is issued by European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA), combining the expertise of cluster’s professionals form 27 states of EU.



Since 2008 FineSoft and its representatives participate on development of eHealth concept for ICT support of health services. We took part on composing of solution proposal for EU call for the project, further different phases of research and development  and  teamwork of winning consortium of ESO I national project – electronic services for citizens. We were by when the basic concept of cloud services were outlined for the  eHealth core applications, databases, services, we were involved in the standards issues and creating the structures to capture, communicate and store the eHealth related information within the national wide eHealth solution. Except the development work for the health segment FineSoft representative participated on creating, design of very specific, customer’s tailored projects and eHealth solution offers for potential business partners in Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and other countries. Those projects, offers delivered description of implementation of contemporary  cloud based concepts for central country EHR evidence with support  and integration of physicians information systems, information systems of health care providers on comparable level, which is to be achieved in targeted countries in short time period.  Each concept was based on preliminary study of health informatic level in target countries, analyze of proper suggested infrastructure. We have been contributing to the solution of integration issues with EU solutions ( epSOS based ) for health related information exchange within the EU space.

The FineSoft research team, in close cooperation with the ESO I consortium core research and development team (NESS Slovakia ) worked out dozens of articles and eHealth presentations in order to support the marketing of this, very complex and new technology solutions among the target groups with focus to provide the best set of information for the general practitioners, physicians. The FineSoft representative held more than 40 presentations on workshops, conferences in Slovakia, Czech republic, Poland, Hungary. Concurrently the researchers have participated on the best of the bread conferences of WoHIT type in selected EU countries to provide collection ans selection of brand new research directions, results, ideas from the countries, where the eHealth development and implementation have started already dozens of years ago.

The FineSoft is proud on the eHealth development results for the needs of health segment of Slovakia. The Slovakia eHealth represents the remarkable and very advanced solution for ICT support of health services not only national, European measures, but also in global view.


Nowadays, each and any company, that wants to find the position on the market in the area which is the company mainstream for a long time, must invest in research and development. It does not mean the activity in basic research, such as large corporations, spin-offs, universities and institutes of the academy, but in market research, into an area where they recognize the niche market, certain troubles and the do see the potential of the future growth.

For quite a long time, biometrics has been searching for its place in general in area of authentication, authorization, identification. Relatively simple though costly methods based on certification through an identification subject (common license, driving license, passport, various licenses of associations), are on the one hand costly in terms of making, distributing, keeping up-to-date, on the other hand, identify the item bearer but not the actual person to be authenticated. The same applies to passwords and access logins, where there we face frequent password loss, forgotten, astray, and today there is a few diverse apps on the Net, that can steal credentials of this mode of authentication, identification. Login Password we found as not efficient and reliable in terms of e-commerce, m-commerce, eGOV and other access approaches. Therefore FineSoft looks for the applied solutions related to the latest biometrics expertise, and in particular multifactorial and multimodal biometrics, to offer the market a new, strong, affordable cloud-based technology and solutions.

Similarly, other domains where FineSoft applies its research potential are large, complex areas but know how FineSoft can be used to solve partial areas, if they tend to do so, or integrate biometric authentication processes, for example in the healthcare sector, where today there is insufficient high demand and urgency, to authentify doctors and patients, who are key stakeholders in healthcare and health informatics.


Thanks to our collaboration with our partners, we have gained many experiences in implementing a variety of communications solutions. By using them, we can certainly ensure that your company’s communication requirements are met. We offer you our capabilities in consulting as well as in developing programs and non-standard solutions.

Unified Messaging

is the logical result of global trends in order to connect all communication channels that come into the company and streamlining communication each user into one affordable and transparent solutions. Unified Messaging is an appropriate solution for all businesses whose staff often communicates via fax, e-mail, SMS, and phone. We offer you to take advantage of “unified communications” in your company, to integrate all communication ways which are fax, e-mail, SMS and voice into one universal environment, followed by a complete archiving of your communications without investing in sophisticated technology – in the form of services, with reimbursement according to the number of Received, respectively Sent messages. The versatile communication environment where all your messages will meet will be your mailbox. In the mailbox you will be able to receive the all types of messages, you will be able to send faxes directly from the email environment (or MS Office applications). In the case of your immediate interest in this service, you can order it via e-mail, the delivery of the service takes about 2 hours and we will also allow you to test it before a binding order.

LAN / WAN Technologies

The company builds tailor-made network solutions for its customers, ranging from simple to gigabit switched networks. We design, implement and help to manage complex solutions based on proven technologies from Avaya, Cisco Systems, 3COM, Allied Telesyn and many others. In addition to designing the active elements architecture, we place a great deal of emphasis on the quality of passive distributions (both optical and metallic), which are realized by our specialists in maximum quality, including technical certifications and measurements. With the development of wireless technologies, we are increasingly starting to deploy our solutions to our clients, which offer greater flexibility in solution.

IP Telephony

is a new area of converged services where the difference between voice and data communications is lost. Due to the rapid development of these technologies, these solutions become available to a wider range of customers who are motivated by a more efficient IPT operation than traditional PBXs. These advanced systems provide a higher level of functionality than traditional systems.

Remote System Management and Outsourcing

Long-term and consistent goal of the company is to provide clients with the efficient and reliable operation of their information systems at controlled costs and high quality services. The Network Services Division is focused on solutions that enable you to consolidate the management, maintenance and support of system operations into a centralized site where remote access operations are performed. Such an approach allows our clients to reduce the cost of running IT because they do not need to employ their own dedicated staff, which also eliminates the cost of jobs, and our team of trained specialists provides a much wider range of consulting and services from different areas, systems, mail and database servers, or application-based applications, backup and data security solutions, and communications.

Server Solutions

The company delivers a wide range of solutions built primarily on Microsoft products. It means, we offer the collaboration and communication systems based on Microsoft Exchange Server, MS SQL Server database solutions, and products for provision of IT security and Internet access. These products are complemented by antivirus, anti-spam, data integrity, backup, and monitoring solutions from Computer Associates, GFI and ESET.

Internet Services

Our company provides public electronic communication services – Internet access. Internet connection service is provided under limited geographic conditions – our company provides internet access exclusively to clients (participants) – legal entities only in Business Center premises on Popradská 66 and Popradská 68, Košice. The service is configured to meet specific customer requirements.

Consulting services

We provide consulting services in the area of e-health solutions. Based on our ten-year experience in eHealth design and solutions, selected employees of our company work with members of the consortium of IT companies, which are working on the issues related to the implementation and expansion of the National Health Information System in Slovakia and the CEE countries.

Research and Development

We are evolving activities to obtain a certificate from the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic for small and medium-sized enterprises in connection with the solution of research and development tasks.


Our company has been a member of the association of top Slovak professionals under name Best Practice User Group (BPUG) for more than 5 years. The professionals preparing and conducting workshops, conferences and training activities aimed at informing the public about tools and trends in project management. At the same time, we are a member of the civic association Eurocloud Slovakia whose work is focused on the development, implementation and use of cloud solutions for industrial enterprises and the state administration of Slovakia.